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Autocomplete? Yeah, But How?

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Unless you’re really hardcore you probably use an IDE with some sort of autocomplete feature. It doesn’t have to be the super charged intellisense you find in Visual Studio – It could be as simple as the autocomplete feature in Notepad++ (which I love by the way…)

In any case, I got to wondering today – How do other people use their autocomplete features?

Best I could figure there was probably about 4 different ways you could approach using autocomplete…

  1. Type just long enough to see the item you want and then use the arrow keys to correct item.
  2. Keep typing, regardless of when it appears on the list, until it becomes the selected item.
  3. Use both pretty much equally.
  4. Auto complete is for noobs

Yeah, it isn’t a very deep, through provoking sort of question but it is somewhat interesting to think about. Maybe there is some sort of deeper psychological meaning behind our choices… or not…

[Poll] : So, how do you use your autocomplete feature?


Written by hugoware

June 24, 2010 at 9:40 pm

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