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MVC2 As A “WebOS”

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Just some random thoughts for today…

I’ve been checking out MVC2, particularly the ‘Areas’ feature, which allows you to create subsections of controllers, actions and views. This concept allows for you to isolate tasks for an application without needing to create multiple projects and shared libraries.

It sounds like it has a lot of potential which got me to thinking – Could something like this be used to create separate, ‘installable’ applications to use within a ‘web-OS’ type framework?

The general idea would include creating a framework that allow controllers to be installed as ‘applications’ within the program. Using a base type for ‘Application’ Controllers, you could effectively have a sort of ‘programs list’ that a user could use for programs.

I suppose you could just as easily create Widgets or ‘Task Bar’ applications — really, just about anything that you could think of. By default, the ‘MvcOS’ could use jQuery as the core which would allow for thousands of existing plugins to fit right in.

Maybe this isn’t that great of an idea, maybe it is too much like existing projects — not really sure. Thoughts?

Written by hugoware

March 15, 2010 at 12:17 am