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Just a quick update — I’ve been working on Flow Based MVC Controllers some more and hope to do a blog post about them in the next couple days…

For now, I’ve moved some of my other MVC projects onto CodePlex so there is a better home for them (than my own website of course :))

Mvc Content Marker

A few months ago I wrote some code that allowed you to write to different parts of the page using inline code — You probably know it isn’t easy to add a stylesheet or script to a different part of the page since after render code has finished you can’t go back and write over it.

This code makes it so you can place a marker on the page and then write back to it no matter where you are at. It also supports forward looking markers (meaning markers that haven’t been added to the page yet) so it makes it easy to add scripts to the footer of your page from higher up in the document.

As it turns out Spark has something similar to this — but if you aren’t ready to jump into Spark then this still might be handy for you. (Spark is cool, don’t get me wrong though)

Mvc WebForm

Mvc WebForm does exactly what you think it does — It lets you place a WebForm inline with your Mvc code. I isn’t perfect at all and in all honestly was just to see if it was possible. As it turns out you can have basic event handling, button clicks, data grids — whatever — and it works directly in your Mvc Views. Neat stuff even if it is evil.

I expected to be shunned by the development community with this but surprisingly I got several ‘thank you’s and ‘good job’s — Funny how that works out sometimes.


Written by hugoware

December 7, 2009 at 10:16 am

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