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The One Thing All Browsers Have In Common

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As it turns out, all browsers actually have one thing in common – NONE of them behave the same.

Sadly enough, I was notified by someone last night that Opera doesn’t handle OrderBy quite correctly in jLinq.

sorry sir, I’m boyr.
I sent three feedback to say some bugs about “orderby”.
I make a mistake, the real bug is that “orderby” DOES NOT work correctly in Opera sometimes! NO problem in IE or FireFox.
You can try in Opera with follow codes[juest like codes on your homepage]:
var results = jLinq.from(data.users)
.startsWith(“first”, “a”)
.orderBy(“age”)=========>>>only remove “admin”;

Not exactly what I was hoping to read. For the love of Pete, AT THE VERY LEAST can the JavaScript cooperate?

Anyways, I’m presently working on the fixes now – I’m sure I’ll no doubt be missing some hair and much more stressed than before.

Cross browser compatibility Pain and CSS hacks eternal suffering, as is the life of a Web Developer.

You can quote me as the guy who coined that — 🙂


Written by hugoware

June 8, 2009 at 11:16 pm

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